We have a team of qualified and experienced project managers who have executed world class hotel projects from inception to operations. Experienced in skillful application of knowledge of project management tools, techniques and software applications.


Facility Management

New economy, new opportunities, new challenges… you have to provide quality experience and minimize overhead cost to sustain in the long run.

Our team of Facility Managers along with their team will take care of all on site activities to provide quality service.


Information Technology Solutions

Our in house Research & development specialists in information Technology constantly improvise, upgrade & customize applications as desired by our clients. We recommend the most appropriate solutions after understanding the business requirement specific to the client.

We have already implemented services in the field of Building Automation, Safety & Security and Facility Management. Some of the areas of our expertise are:

      • Database Management
      • ERP Solution
      • Net Based Applications
      • Programmable logistic control


Human Resources Solutions

We provide total Human Resources solutions as per your requirement.




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