Our team of project managers work with clients to create a unique product or service by application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques from inception of the project. By assessing work management we ensure timely completion of projects within budgeted guidelines.


Our team provides expertise with product marketing from interaction with advertising agencies, to event co ordination and setting up an in house-team for event management. This is aimed at generating and sustaining footfalls and increasing length of stay at the mall.


We provide expertise to facilitate managing collection of revenue and managing vendors. Our team helps develop MIS reporting systems to track and relate expenses v/s footfalls and ascertain profitability.


Our operations team maintains the day-to-day mall management to track customer satisfaction levels. Maintains standards and develops relations between mall partners.

Asset Services

We provide expertise in operating and maintaining facilities. Our team sets service levels and systems for vendor management for in building services and external areas. Our software reports cost, performance, requirements and records requests and complaints for error reduction.

Retailer Relations

Our retail management team works to manage all retail partners and co ordinates with retail heads, monitors day to day retailer operations and controls non compliance. Our retailer reporting systems identifies key outlet spend reports and their impact on footfalls identifying high and low impact retailers.

Lease Management

Our lease management team monitors lease agreements for casual and retail leasing, as well as collection of revenues. They develop a retail mix for the profile of the mall and churn new retailers for existing profile.



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