Cansys Web Application Features

Cansys VTS is a web application with an interface to a database and allows users to monitor and track multiple vehicles from a single interface. The web application works with all models of Cansys VTS devices. The complete software has been designed and developed in-house and services are supported by our trained R&D and Support teams. This solution provides up-to-the-minute data for tracking vehicles. This system was created specifically for service and delivery companies needing an efficient, cost effective method to manage their fleets. This application converts GPS data into user-friendly maps and reports, accessible via the internet. Simply login using any PC with Internet Explorer and instantly access your data. This system provides the information in a user-friendly format. Reports can be exported to other applications for MIS purpose. The Web Application has an interface to Google Earth, whereby users can view a detailed map of the area where the vehicle is located. Customers experience dramatic operational improvements which include increases in productivity, customers service and vehicle safety. Additionally, Customers experience significant decreases in fuel costs, overtime and running expenses.

There is a nominal per vehicle fee for access to the Web Application. Users have the option of installing the Web Application on their server by paying a one-time license fee.

Real Time Tracking

Provides Real-time display of vehicle information including location, speed, time and distance covered.

Online Alerts

Provides critical alerts such as over speeding, acceleration/ deceleration, unauthorized stoppages and emergency SOS alerts through SMS.

Route Display

Provides display of the routes traveled by vehicles plotted on Google Earth, enabling users to identify surrounding landmarks.


View details by date, vehicle Number, driver name or Mobile number. Generate standard reports on criteria such as vehicle stoppage, vehicle speeding or trip summary.

Vehicle Management

Update driver and vehicle profiles, as well as manage vehicle groups.


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Cansys Web Application Features
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