Case Studies

These are a few cases that we have with some of our clients who are currently using our Vehicle Tracking System. These case studies shall give you’ll a brief understanding of the system.

Who knows, your solution may be the answer to others' problems!

Case I: “GPS for BPO logistics”

Requirement: The BPOs were more interested in tracking the individual agents’ pick up and drop rather than the vehicle’s location and movement.


We have provided VTS-30 system integrated with a Biometric Finger Print reader.

Every vehicle in the fleet is fitted with the VTS-30 and the finger print reader.

Finger prints of all the agents are stored in a central database.

At every pick up/drop point, details of the agent, location and time are transmitted to the Central Control Unit.

In addition to this the location of the vehicle is transmitted to the control centre every 200 meters.

This allows the BPOs to monitor the pick up/ drop of agents accurately in real time, irrespective of the vehicle used.

Case II: “Large fleet owner transporting cars”

Requirement: The client is involved in transporting high value cars and each truck load is worth 25 – 60 lakhs. They required a system which could track nearly 300 trucks, spread all over the country, in real time and also allow 2 way voice communications with the driver. These trucks pass through areas with no cellular coverage. The client now is seeking a way out where they would be able to track these trucks and also receive various alerts.


A solution using the VTS-20 along with 2 way communications and customized software has been provided, as GPRS is not available throughout the country. The VTS-20 communicates with the control centre using SMS. Where ever GSM coverage is not available, Positional Data along with time is stored in the VTS-20 & transmitted to the control centre as soon as signal is available.

In addition to this alerts have also been set for Over Speeding and the Speed Limit can be set dynamically from the control centre. The web application has been customized to allow the transporter’s clients to track their own consignments.

Provision has been made to prevent night-time driving. This safety measure is applicable in areas where highway infrastructure is poor and night driving can be hazardous.

Case III: “Geo-Fence”

Requirement: The client required that whenever the vehicle went outside a pre-defined geographical boundary, an alert message should be received immediately.


The geographical boundaries were survey physically and the co-ordinates stored in our data-base. The vehicle is fitted with a VTS-30 device with a GPRS connection. The data from the vehicle is processed in real-time and if the location is outside the pre-defined boundary, an SMS is sent to the designated numbers.


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