Various Models


Cansys VTS 10

Uses GSM technology to give on-line approximate location of vehicle (within a radius of 2 Kms). In case of failure of cellular link, the data is stored and transmitted as soon as the vehicle enters coverage area. Low initial investment ideal for cross-country logistics operators needing approximate location of vehicle.

Cansys VTS 20

Receives positional information from GPS. The receiver uses trilateration to calculate the exact location of vehicle (accuracy of ± 5 mts). GPS data is transmitted regularly to our server, using GSM, giving a nearly on-line trace of vehicle movement. This Device can be used for fleet owners having Pan-India operations for precise monitoring of vehicles. This device is recommended for integrating into Fleet Management solution.

Cansys VTS 30

Uses GPS for triangulating exact location of vehicle (accuracy of ± 5 mts). GPS data is streamed continuously to our server using GPRS, giving a real-time, on-line trace of vehicle movement. In case of GPRS link failure, the system switches over to periodic SMSes to keep the server updated. Cansys VTS 30 can be used by operators having Intra-city / urban area operations.


Battery back-up
2 way communications
Internal memory and PC interface for off-line data retrieval
Vehicle parameters monitoring
Automatic periodic reports via e-mail / SMS

Value Added Services

Over speeding Alert
Idle for user –specified time Alert
Cargo-bay access alert
Power disconnect (If back-up battery is installed) alert.

Add-on Features

Anti-theft device

All the 3 models of VTS can be configured to act as anti-theft devices. In case the vehicle is stolen, not only can the location be identified, but the vehicle can also be immobilized by sending a special SMS. If the vehicle is fitted with a security device, the VTS can be interfaced with the same to not only immobilize the vehicle, but also to trigger the alarm system.

Data Logger

For applications where real-time monitoring is not critical, the VTS can be fitted with a data logger that stores all the relevant information on memory cards, which can be retrieved when the vehicle returns to base. The vehicle position can be tracked by sending an SMS query, if required.

Various Models
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